Refund Policy

    Online Credit Card Payment – This payment is non-refundable unless a refund request meets the guidelines specified under the Refunds section of this policy.

    Refunds – Alabama Pathology Associates will only issue refunds on credit card/bank draft payments in cases of fraud or at Alabama Pathology Associates’ discretion. Requests for Refunds should be made no later than 60 days after the payment posts to the patient’s account. Requests submitted after 60 days will not be refunded.

    A valid reason is required for refund: In cases of fraud, the patient must submit a signed affidavit from the bank or the agency issuing the credit card.

    Reasons for disqualifying a refund are listed below:

    • Duplicate payments entries will not be refunded, but will be applied to the patient’s account.

    • Inability to report fraudulent payments within 60 days will disqualify the Request for Refund.


    If you wish to make a request for refund, please call Alabama Pathology Associates office at 334.263.6228.